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산호세 아버지학교 & 어머니학교 홈페이지입니다. 아버지학교와 어머니학교의 소식을 전하고, 학교가 개설될 때마다 광고와 참가신청을 이곳을 통해 하실 수 있습니다.

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Father School in English
San Jose Father School No. 26 (World No. 0000)
  1. When: Feb 24th,25th,26th, Mar 5th (Fri,Sat,Sun,Sun)
    • 2/24(Fri) Evening Father's Influence
    • 2/25(Sat) Morning Father's Manhood
    • 2/25(Sat) Afternoon Father's Spirituality
    • 3/5(Sun) 3:45-9:00pm Father's Mission
  2. Where: Mission Springs Christian Conference Center
    1050 Lockhart Gulch Rd
    Scotts Valley CA 95066
  3. Cost: $200
    • Payable to "Father School"
    • Accommodation and Meals included
  4. Registration
    • Complete the Application Form
      send it to the address below with a check of $200.
    • On-Line Registrationis also available.
    • San Jose Father School
      San Jose Father School
      3000 Scott Blvd. Suite #116,
      Santa Clara, CA 95054

      Enquiry: Damon Moon (408-478-5142)
  5. Meals and snacks provided.
    You do not need to bring anything.
    Casual attire.

Preparation Meetings
All graduates are welcome!
  • Prep #1: 10/13(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm San Jose New Hope Church
  • Prep #2: 11/10(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #3: 12/8(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #4: 1/5(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #5: 1/26(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #6: 2/2(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #7: 2/9(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #8: 2/16(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
  • Prep #9: 2/23(Thu) 7:00-9:30pm TBD
Light dinner will be served.
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